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Why Crypto Is The Future

At its heart, the internet is a protocol, and you can’t uninvent a protocol. The internet protocol is expanding to every corner of the globe today, ad infinitum, and soon every facet of the world will be covered. 

Bitcoin, too, is a protocol just like the internet. Bitcoin cannot be uninvented. Already available on all of the continents, except Antarctica, it will continue to expand, ad infinitum, until every facet of the globe is covered with it. 

The younger generations—Generation Z, Millennials—already live in a world of digital currency. Boomers don’t realize there are micro-trillion dollar economies already in the video game world using digital currency. 

World of Warcraft is one example thereof, as well as shoot ‘em up games and multiplayer RPGs. V Bucks is a currency in Fortnite, a popular video game. Young people would rather have V Bucks than, say, an Amazon gift card or roller skates. 

Another example is Eve Online, an online role playing game. Players spend hundreds of real-life hours creating spaceships for battle. They can engage in economic activities such as space exploration, PvP and PvE battles, mining, industry and trade between players. 

In Second Life, users have avatars which walk, run, drive vehicles, and teleport, as well as communicate through local chat, group chat, instant messaging, and voice for localized public conversations between two or more avatars. Users buy and sell in-game items with Linden Dollars, a closed-loop virtual token for use on the Second Life platform. 

The average Gen Z or millennial uses more than 16 different digital currencies per week. You might ask, How is this possible? They’re only 17 years old! The answer is simple. Every game they play features a different digital currency that they use, and they actually spend real money to buy that digital currency. 

We’re already transitioning into a world where digital currency is the norm. And so those two ideas are the strongest reasons why any savvy investor should probably take a second look at Bitcoin as one of those investment options. Like any protocol, Bitcoin is not going away.

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