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Metafi: The Peoples’ Network

Metafi is building the first global wireless network by making cryptocurrency mining easy. When you connect our hardware products to your mobile app and WiFi, you begin mining cryptocurrency at a cost of approximately 37 cents per month on average. You’re essentially mining cryptocurrency for free. 

The Metafi miner is the start of a truly equitable universal basic income. Our miner currently produces $25 per month. Now someone in Asia, India, Latin America, etc. might be able to start building, and spending more time with their family. 

The miner mines HNT, which is Helium’s work/utility token. HNT incentivizes people to power and help support a global network. Helium has been around for over eight years, and has been growing for a decade. 

HNT is the token you get for supporting the Helium network, and ensuring coverage exists, which they call Proof of Coverage (PoC).  Helium states the following about PoC in their Docs:

The Helium Network is a physical wireless network that succeeds based on the amount of reliable coverage it can create for users deploying connected devices on it. As such, it required a work algorithm that was built for this use case. Proof-of-Coverage takes advantage of the unique, undeniable properties of radio frequency (RF) to produce proofs that are meaningful to the Helium Network and its participants. 

I have managed to convince my neighbors here in my little southern town to run the miners. They are incentivized by earning $25 per month. It’s a great way to grow a wireless network, and it’s great for my neighbors, because they are now earning HNT as their introduction to cryptocurrency.

Metafi is free because it is the People’s Network, not a telecom. Everyone who gets a free Cool Spot from us can run a node on the network, and get paid to support a decentralized, permissionless network. Thousands of individuals are giving a little bit of their power to the network and earning. 

Our vision at Metafi is simple: we are all our own leaders, serving humankind, and activating human potential by being radically transparent, innovative, and adaptive. 

The app offers fiat offramps and crypto trading, debit, and more. All you have to do is sign up on for the free hardware miner. 

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