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What To Know About Metaverse Football League (MFL)

The Metaverse Football League (MFL) empowers you to collect fictional MFL players, play matches, and earn rewards. Hand-drawn visual traits (facial expression, clothing, headwear, accessories, and more), ensure each player is unique and has its own rarity. 

You can own football players, clubs, scouts, training academies, stadiums, and more all in the form of digital assets. 


Scouts judge the skills of a player through statistics, abilities, and on field performance. The players evolve over time. 


Agents negotiate contracts for players with club owners. 


Create your own soccer club, define its name, logo, colors and build a fan base.

Recruit and trade players

Recruit the best players, make trades with other clubs. 


Manage your players so they don’t fatigue and succumb to injuries. 


Lineup Choice 

Monitor player fatigue, fitness, morale, etc., and pick lineups for each match. 


Defeat your opponent by training play

Watch your team

Matches are simulated based on more than 100 parameters, including stats, abilities, strategy, chemistry, but, also, randomness. 


Get promoted through the leagues

Club can transfer leagues and increase in value. The best clubs reach the best leagues. 

Enter several tournaments

Tournaments bring the excitement of direct elimination. Several tournaments can be played during the same season. Make sure your players don’t get too tired.

Earn awards.

Earn rewards by playing in tournaments. The higher level the league in which you play, the better the awards.

Recruits scout, find, and trade players. 

Agents find the best clubs for players, and negotiate contracts with club owners. 

Club owners recruit players, as well as register their club to leagues and tournaments. 

Coaches train and develop players, define match tactics and more. 

The MFL envisages a player-owned economy, where players own their assets, which they buy, sell, and trade. 


MFL Players compete on the “pitch.” They are fictional virtual football players. 

Each player is unique and has specific attributes: 

Personal Info




Preferred Position


Statistics impact in-game performance of the player, which develops through training and matches. 

Attributes can improve or worsen a player’s in-game performance. A player has between 0 and 3 attributes. 

Conditions (fatigue, fitness, morale, and injury status) are influenced by events, which includes matches, training, and coaching. 

Each player, furthermore, has its own unique look, including visual traits such as facial expression, clothing, headwear, accessories. These visual traits have been manually designed by Karl Thyer. 

As Agent

Agents manage negotiations for contracts (duration and revenue share percentage) with clubs on behalf of players. Finding the right club for each player allows you to keep players fit, and earn part of a club’s rewards via revenue share. Higher divisions earn more. Agents also sell players to other agents. 


Clubs own teams. They compete in leagues and tournaments. You need a club license to own a club, and they have historically been sold during drops. This could change. Once you create a club, you are both owner and coach. Use the club license to create your club in a fully customizable way (club’s name, logo, jersey). 

What your team needs first are players. Recruit players during transfer windows, as well as players you personally own.  Negotiate with other users, recruit their players, and create the best team. 

Register your club into a league and one or several tournaments of different difficulty levels for leagues and tournaments. The more difficult, the higher the award. 

You will also be limited in how many tournaments in which to participate, because your players will become fatigued. 

Coaches are in charge of training players and coaching during match days. Training is important to maintain the fitness and moral level of players, as well as to develop your players’ talents and improve their stats. 

Pick  the available players and starters for each match. Consider your players’ statistics, attributes, condition, fatigue, morale, fitness, injuries, the opposing team, your strategy and more. 




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