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Jeff Garzik Explains the Metronome Cryptocurrency


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Courtesy of Wachsman

David Wachsman Discusses Founding Global Blockchain PR Agency

When he founded Wachsman, a blockchain-focused professional services agency based in Manhattan, CEO David Wachsman didn’t know what to expect.  “I had absolutely no idea,” he told me. “Anyone who would say they had a vision that it would look like this –...

Bundil Founder: “No one knows what to do with their money. Everyone is spending it on what they don’t need.”

If you’re an expert in the cryptocurrency space, you know how to set up a wallet, manage that wallet, and do all of those things, says Bundil founder and Chief Executive Officer Dmitri Love. But, a lot of people that get into the space face a huge barrier to...

John Burbank: “Blockchain and crypto is the technological breakthrough that is going to change finance…”

John Burbank,  a global investor for 18 years, spoke April 20 at StartEngine ICO 2.0 Spring Summit in Santa Monica, California. The San Francisco-based founder of Passport Capital, a global investment firm, has placed his money in more than 100 startups and 20...

R3 Corda Lead Programmer Mike Hearn on Bitcoin, Corda & Ethereum

Mike Hearn, the lead Programmer on blockchain consortium R3’s Corda platform and former Bitcoin Core developer, called Ethereum potentially  “catastrophic”, citing questionable ways in which the platform was designed. "People who weren't always experienced...

Fred Wilson and Olaf Carlson-Wee Talk Tokens, Proof of Stake Protocols

At Token Summit last month in New York City, which was organized by William Mougayar, Union Square Ventures co-founder Fred Wilson and Polychain Capital founder and CEO Olaf Carlson-Wee discussed the state of staking, a cryptocurrency concept that states a person...

Seven Congressmen Have Signed a Letter Calling for Regulatory Clarity Regarding Blockchain Technology

Seven members of Congress have sent a letter to the Trump Administration’s Director of the National Economic Council asking for “...a forum on blockchain technology and include blockchain technology in the initiatives the Administration intends to promote on emerging...

A Few Things You Should Know About Getting a BitLicense

The NYDFS rejected Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex’s BitLicense application, and the resulting rejection letter serves as a blueprint for anyone looking to do crypto business in the Empire State. For securities lawyer Jason Seibert, who has served on... Founder Nicolas Cary: “I don’t think Silicon Valley is doing its fair share.” co-founder Bo Ghirardelli recalls an experience that led him to want to improve economic opportunities for all. During his time as a middle school English and History teacher for Teach for America in the South Central LA neighborhood of Watts, he saw...

Here’s What the Crypto Industry Can Learn from One Exchange’s BitLicense Rejection

If you wanted to learn about the five pillars of an effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program — i.e., internal controls; the designation of a Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/AML officer; a BSA/AML training program; independent testing to test programs; and a risk-based,...


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